Victoria Paula Murray is the mother of Clive Murray. She has been mentioned multiple times by Clive, but didn't make her first appearance, until the episode The Real Tradition. She is a single mother whose only companion in her home is her son, who still lives with her, despite him being a full-grown adult. Because of this, Clive is her caretaker and has also become sort of a momma's boy to her.


Victoria made her first onscreen appearance in the episode The Real Tradition, where her full name was revealed. Clive introduced her when Eileen, Shannon, and Jimmy visited the Murray residence for Thanksgiving. Victoria was very cold and disapproving of Eileen the entire time. While she was on her visit there, Eileen found out that Victoria had also invited a man over for a separate Thanksgiving dinner that Clive didn't know about. His name was Gary and he was her boyfriend of two years. She didn't want Clive to know about her because his heart would be broken if he knew that she was dating again. Eileen forced her to pretend that she liked her every time she came over in exchange for keeping it a secret. Shortly afterwards, Eileen realized how horribly Victoria was treating Clive over this, and so she spilled the beans. Eileen and Clive both turned on her and grew closer together as a romantic couple.


  • Like how her son's name is usually abbreviated to "VP Murray", due to him being vice principal, she has the same name as him because her first and middle initials are "V and P".