The Real Thang is the first episode of season 2 of The Real O'Neals. The Real Thang is also a National Coming Out Day holiday special.


The next year at St. Charles Barklay High, Kenny makes a LGBT club to raise more awareness for gay people. Meanwhile, Eileen tries to avoid any awkward confrontations with Principal Murray, remembering their kiss during last year's prom.


On the date of October 11th, 2016, National Coming Out Day, Kenny, Pat, Shannon, and Jimmy are watching the gay pride parade on TV in Pat's basement. Kenny wishes he could have gone to the parade. When Eileen comes down, she says that the parade is getting too gay, and tells Kenny to contact the rest of the LGBT community and "tone it down". Kenny uses a rainbow phone to call Jane Lynch, who makes a telephone conncection through other famous LGBT people, eventually reaching RuPaul, who uses a machine to tone down the "gayness" of the pride parade. However, when he does, he turns it down a bit too far and Kenny starts to admire Rihanna, knowing he's taken it too far. This is apparently a gag, cold opening, so aside from it being Coming Out Day, and them watching the parade, none of this is meant to be taken seriously.

Jodi tells Eileen that she got accepted for being the model at a fashion show and has two days to practice. Eileen tells her that ever since she made out with VP Murray, he hasn't been leaving her alone, "cooincidentally" running into her every time they go to the grocery store, but every time they do, she consentually makes out with him again. Kenny announces that since school clubs are starting, he's making an LGBT club. Jimmy tells Kenny that ever since Gay Stuart transferred, there are no more LGBT students at the school other than him.



  • This episode mainly takes place on National Coming Out Day. In honor of gay pride, it also aired on October 11th, 2016, which is the official National Coming Out Day in the United States.
  • Lance Bass, Jane Lynch, Tyler Oakley, and RuPaul make guest appearances in this episode's cold opening as famous members of the LGBT community who Kenny has connections with.
  • This episode implies that Kenny and Allison are the only two students at the school who are members of the LGBT community. Because this episode takes place at the beginning of the school year, it can be implied that Stuart and Sebastian, two homosexual students who clearly went to the school last season, had transferred somewhere else.
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