The Real Secrets is the sixteenth episode of season two and twenty ninth episode overall of The Real O'Neals and the season two finale of the show.


Alison's parents go through marital problems and she lives in The O'Neal house to avoid the line of fire. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Shannon find a positive pregnancy test.




  • Final episode of the second season, and follwing it's abrupt cancellation, the series.
  • Eileen gets startled, when finding Alison in Kenny's closet and describes the incident as Alison pulling a "Stranger Things". This is a reference to the show, Stranger Things, where Mike hid Eleven in his closet.
  • Clive reveals that his ex-wife threw their wedding ring at him after their divorce.
  • Victoria Murray from "The Real Tradition" makes a second appearance.
  • Allison comes out to her parents, gets disowned, and officially lives with The O'Neal family.
  • Clive proposes marriage to Eileen, but gets rejected.
  • Jodi reveals that she is pregnant.
  • Victoria Murray makes a second appearance in this episode.
  • Allison has a goldfish named "Catfish Everdeen", which is a pun on "Katniss Everdeen" from The Hunger Games.
    • Jimmy also reveals that he accidentally killed Catfish, in an attempt to hug it, and replaced it with another one, unbeknownst to Allison.