Jodi O'Neal is a major character in the ABC comedy The Real O'Neals. She is the ex-wife of Dwayne O'Neal and the ex-sister-in-law to both Eileen O'Neal and Pat O'Neal and is the aunt of Kenny, Jimmy, and Shannon O'Neal.


It is currently unknown as to where and how Jodi was raised before marrying into the O'Neal family. She appears to belong to the Catholic Church, but whether that is due to her unwavering support for her new family is unclear.

Jodi got married to Dwayne, the brother of Pat O'Neal, Eileen's husband. Like Eileen and Pat, Jodi and Dwayne got divorced. Despite this Jodi remains an integral, ever-faithful component to the family, often providing a balanced contrast to the rigid and perception-obsessed qualities of the O'Neal legacy against her free-spirited nature.

After five years of being apart, Jodi and Dwayne have shown a lasting attraction to each other, but it is revealed that ultimately, Dwayne divorced Jodi because he did not believe he would be a good father to her kids.

In "The Real Secrets", Jodi admitted that she was pregnant, with Dwayne being the father. While Shannon had her and Dwayne locked in her room, they fell back in love and had unprotected sex.