Ethan is Shannon's boyfriend. He first appeared in the episode The Real Prom.


In the episode The Real Prom, he asked Shannon to the prom, but she rejected him, but later changed her mind. At that time, he was already at prom with a ugly girl, but Pat made her cry, so that Shannon could go out with him. They officially became boyfriend and girlfriend after this.

In the episode The Real Dates, Shannon was playing an online game with Ethan, where acts of violence such as killing the other person are the equivalent of acts of love such as flirting. Jodi O'Neal, set up a real-life date with them.

In the episode The Real Match, Ethan was working for Shannon's newspaper making club at Saint Charles Barklay High School. He admitted his love for her, but then quickly tried to hide it.

In the episode The Real Christmas, Pat was afraid that Shannon was planning on having sex with Ethan. However, all she was doing was making a diorama of the two of them.

In the episode The Real Acceptance, Ethan came over to return Shannon's homework and Pat admitted that he didn't like him because he was too formal.

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