Eileen Bridget O'Neal is a the mother of Kenny, Jimmy, and Shannon O'Neal, the ex-wife of Pat O'Neal, and ex-sister-in-law to Jodi O'Neal. She is one of the main characters of the show.


Highly regarded in the community for her volunteer work and fundraising skills, Eileen, the matriarch of the O’Neal household, definitely has the farthest to fall after the family’s secrets all come out. Eighteen years ago, after an unplanned pregnancy and a shotgun wedding to Pat, Eileen quickly got her act together, reinventing herself as the perfectly put-together Catholic mom she is today. But that image is quickly shattered after the whole community finds out her marriage to Pat is ending. Understandably, Eileen is a little reluctant to embrace this new era of honesty and openness in her family. While there’s a part of her that longs to sweep all of the family’s secrets back under the rug, she’s a loving mother first, and wants to support Pat and the kids. Although sometimes the way she shows it could use some work. Eventually, with the help of her family, especially her son Kenny, Eileen starts to see that the loss of perfection can also be kind of liberating. Maybe she will finally trade in her chinos for a pair of jeans. Or maybe she won't. Change is very hard for Eileen.

Eileen is currently in a relationship with Clive Murray, the principal of Saint Charles Barklay High School.